David @ EDoC 2019

Check us out at Erie Day of Code 2019!

For Immediate Release:

On June 28, 2019, David Baltusavich of SynaTree will present a talk titled “IoT Sensing in the Real World” at the Erie Day of Code conference.

The talk will address things we’ve learned over the last few years working with novel sensing platforms for use in the industrial sector, as well as presenting insights about the decision making process, software architecture, and tools used.

“The talk will present practical information for those interested in learning more about IoT solutions in general, as well as more abstract information about how to think of sensing, IoT devices, and the design of systems overall,” Baltusavich explained.

As a software architecture and development consultancy, SynaTree has partnered with diverse clients from a variety of industries to create data gathering platforms based on the Raspberry Pi, a microcomputer popular with prototype designers in the embedded systems space.

The Pi is a tremendously powerful tool. Nearly as capable as a full-size computer, the Pi requires little power, takes little space, and offers the full benefits of a general purpose computer; especially the choice of languages, technologies, and techniques familiar from other software development contexts.

“At SynaTree, our legacy as a web software company shows in our work with the Pi,” said Baltusavich. “We’ve learned to use the tools we were familiar with from web design and application development to bring the same techniques to bear on IoT problems, which is unique. A lot of industrial controllers are written in PLC languages, which serves an important niche, but we do things differently.”

Baltusavich is the Principal at SynaTree and has over 16 years experience working with technologies and languages as diverse as the Raspberry Pi, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Linux operating systems and emerging techniques like supervised and unsupervised learning, AI, and industrial automation.