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Building The Internet of Things

Whether you are tracking the performance of your products in the field, your workforce on the go, or your machines on the factory floor, internet of things technologies are changing the way business is done. There are many providers promising to get you up and running on the cloud with connected devices, but once you engage these providers you come to realize that their services will only get you so far. The “last mile” is the hardest part. We have a wealth of experience to get you to the finish line of increased automation.

IIoT Systems Design

The Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) promises to revolutionize manufacturing as we know it. SynaTree provides experienced consultation and development services to help you realize increased efficiency, improved productivity, and greater control and insight over your manufacturing process. Many companies sell IoT platforms, but purchasing a system may be easy, but getting real-world insights out of a system is hard. SynaTree has real-world experience you need to successfully implement these emerging technologies.

Software Architecture and Development

As form follows function, so too should software architecture decisions follow the use-case and technical requirements of the problem. SynaTree provides expert consultation on the right tools, the right techniques, and the right technologies for any given problem. We then take a leading role in developing the solution we’ve designed, or work with others to ensure a result of the highest quality.

Partnering for Success

SynaTree prefers to partner with clients in the development of new projects, so both parties benefit from a quality product produced on a reasonable budget and delivered on-time. We believe the best way to ensure project success is for all parties involved to have a stake in the outcome.


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