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Technology Consulting Services

Finding the right blend of technologies for complex problems is never easy. There are so many choices, to start with. Should you use ESB to connect systems? Develop your own SOA? Write an API? Even if you decide on an approach that makes sense for your business, there are a nearly endless collection of tools you might choose to work with. This is where SynaTree can help.

Representing Enterprise's Best Technology Interests

Sales Consultant? Product Engineer? Solutions Expert? None of the above.

Every software company and web-platform provider has their own small army of folks on the payroll with titles like Sales Engineer, Project Manager, etc. But all of these people work for the software company, not for you. Who is looking out for your interests? Even if you are certain you are making the right choice buying into Salesforce, or MuleSoft, or Sharepoint, or any of the hundreds of other managed services, platforms, technologies, etc - you owe it to yourself and your business to have an expert on your side, asking tough questions and getting firm commitments from your partners. SynaTree has provided exactly that kind of support for many medium-sized businesses both in Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie), New York (Buffalo, NYC), Illinois (Chicago), and internationally over the last 9 years.

Our loyalty is to you, our customer. For that reason, we do not participate in reseller programs with any of the technology partners our customers utilize. We view that as a conflict of interest.

Instead, we help you to identify the best technologies for the particular situation your business faces - whether that technology is Open-Source or proprietary, hosted in the data center, the intranet, or the cloud - and then we make sure the integration is a success.

Support for your Project from Start to End Of Life

Drawing from our experience with a wide variety of technologies, SynaTree supports your project in the planning stages, where we advise on the strategic selection of technologies. We continue to support the project during integration, where we provide a single point of contact for vendors and oversee the quality of the work, or develop components ourselves. We support the rollout of new software products to the enterprise, providing extensive documentation and liasing with vendors when issues arise. Finally, we support the product moving forward, helping to reduce reliance on vendor maintenance contracts and end the endless finger-pointing between different vendors.