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  • We Are SynaTree
    We are makers, dedicated tinkerers, code junkies, and garage inventors
    who have teamed up to solve our clients’ biggest, baddest problems.
  • We Design
    and build software and hardware for the hardest
    and most unique problems
  • We Simplify
    complex processes and improve your efficiency
  • We Reduce Costs
    and protect your technology investments

about us

SynaTree uses agile development practices that encourage innovative new ideas and help to ensure that our projects stay flexible and responsive to changing business needs. By doing away with fixed-price contracts and hourly consulting rates, we create a true partnership with our clients. When working with Synatree, you will never need a change control and we will never increase the price due to additional requirements or changing priorities.

An Agency of Makers

striving to meet business needs with advanced technological solutions

Our Solutions

solve critical problems and create opportunities for business growth and further innovation.

Our Goal

is to create durable, high quality software and hardware products that grow with your business.

Our Process

All of our projects begin with a deep consultation on the problems you are trying to solve. We conduct research, build prototypes, and validate novel approaches with test cases; we shadow your employees where necessary, and we think long and hard about your project. We are your think-tank, your technical gurus, your allies in all-things-internet. Your project will be at the front of our minds, we will wake up in the middle of the night with inspirations we cannot wait to share with you. Short of hiring your own in-house development team, you cannot achieve a greater depth or breadth of attention to your specific problem. We will change the way you do business.

We design and build amazing technology solutions that change
the way you do business

Our overriding concern is the quality of the final product of our efforts. We take the time and attention to design a robust solution to your problem. We offer the opposite of a typical outsourced development project -- deep understanding, efficient code, careful construction, and attention to detail. No two projects are the same.

Embedded Systems

IoT and cyber-physical systems design and development

Systems Design and Architecture

Holistic design of entire complex systems from end to end

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Gathering and analyzing data that drives insights

Web App Development

Cloud-based scalable software applications that serve as the interface between business needs, vendors, staff, and customers

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud-based or fully custom classifiers, neural networks, and directed learning applications


We provide consulting and project management services for large scale projects

Meet the team

David Baltusavich
David is a 15 year veteran software developer and entrepreneur. Away from the keyboard, he is often found in the woods.

David Baltusavich


Robert Kellogg
Robert is our user experience lead. With over 6 years of computer programming experience, he has taken to designing and developing flexible, user-oriented front end interfaces.

Robert Kellogg

User Experience

Lane Young
Lane is our Development lead. He's been a self-taught programmer for many years, proving that he's been able to pick up and run with new languages on the fly.

Lane Young


Programming Languages
Years Experience

Recent Case Studies

Case #1

International startup company requires business critical technology to be developed from the ground up.  Extremely close partnership.
  • - Novel technology innovation; development
  • - Strategic planning
  • - Support worldwide installation

Case #2

Multinational corporation with offices on four continents requires a globally accessible knowledgebase to coordinate staff activities and centralize data storage.

  •  - Support Open Source software installation
  •  - Software design and development
  •  - Strategic planning

Case #3

Consultation and ongoing project management of large software development project, with developers based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • - Assist in creating RFP and evaluating RFP responses
  • - Solution design
  • - Budget and deliverables development
  • - Ongoing project management and oversight

Case #4

Industrial services company requires highly technical assistance debugging a natural gas control system for industrial steel furnaces.

  •  - Embedded Systems
  •  - Code Quality Review
  •  - Novel technology innovation; development

Case #5

Assist rapidly growing financial services company that is concerned about possible theft of intellectual property and succession planning for lead developer.

  •  - Code Quality Review
  •  - Security Audit
  •  - Strategic Planning
  •  - Intellectual Property protection

Contact Info

Address: SynaTree, LLC
1001 State Street, Suite 907
Erie, PA 16501
Phone: (321) 800-8733

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